2020 Community Pandemic Assistance Award

About the Community Pandemic Assistance Award

The Board of Paint the Town Red, Inc., which produces the annual City Birthday Party, knows that hundreds of people have volunteered to help their fellow Novatans this year. In recognition of this, the Board wished to honor a community volunteer, who performed outstanding services to the Novato community during the pandemic.

Nomination requests were sent to almost 200 Novato organizations, & the award was publicized in the print & social media, as well as in the City’s newsletter. The Board then reviewed the nominations & chose a recipient.

The CPAA Recipient

The coronavirus shed light on a lot of eye-popping things about Novato. One was how many people are vulnerable to food insecurity and hunger when their fragile flow of income is disrupted for any reason. The other is how many people have the heart to rally on behalf of those suffering during tough times.

Of the many all-star community responders in our city during COVID-19, the North Marin Community Services Food Pantry volunteer team, led by Cindy Stern, answered the call with dedication and warm embraces. Stern and her crew are the recipients of the first (and everyone hopes last) Community Pandemic Assistance Award. The award was announced January 22 during the virtual Novato City Birthday Party, also known as the Paint the Town Red gala.

“There are so many who have contributed more than I could’ve ever hoped,” said Stern, a Novato resident since 2003. “It’s turned into a tight-knit group that works like a giant machine. I just love to watch them work because they have it down to a science. If I could do anything for them, I’d do it in a heartbeat.”