“SwingSet” – Five Guys on a Mission


is an easy – listening / jazz standard / jump swing quintet featuring vocals, saxophone / clarinet / flute, piano, acoustic upright bass, guitar and lively percussion. Playing from an extensive list of the most loved and timeless songs ever written, you’ll enjoy listening, singing along or dancing to the “SwingSet’s” standard and not so standard tunes.


Comprised of Mike Zalkaske – Vocals/Guitar, Bob McBain – Piano, Alex Peters – Saxophone/Clarinet/Flute, Seth Honig – Acoustic Upright Bass, and Roland Tolosa – Percussion, the quintet have played numerous restaurants, parties, festivals and weddings never failing to put smiles on the faces of those who experience a “SwingSet” performance live.




V.K. Productions 40

(415) 215-0901